Cassandra Wagner

  • Understanding Valuation: How Dealers Determine Cash For Car Offers

    The world of car valuation can seem mysterious to the average car owner, especially when they're looking to sell. How does a dealer decide what a car is worth, and why might one offer differ so dramatically from another? Here are some of the factors and methodologies used in the industry to demystify the process of car valuation. 1. Year, Make, and Model This is the most basic starting point for valuing a car. [Read More]

  • Do You Know What To Do If You Overheat Your Brakes?

    Did you know that your brakes are effectively an energy conversion device? Your brakes work by taking your car's kinetic energy (i.e., its movement) and converting it into heat energy through friction. Each time you stop, your brakes generate tremendous heat as they bring your car to a calm and controlled stop. While manufacturers design braking systems to take this abuse, no material can withstand infinite heat. Heat dissipation is a key consideration for brake designers, but certain situations can create enough heat to overwhelm the rated design of your brakes. [Read More]